• INITIATE CONTACT & MEET IN PERSON - We will schedule a time to visit your home in person as this is an important first step when selling.  This gives us a chance to discuss and determine all of your home’s selling points.  From here, we can work on a strategy to best market your property to the public.  It is also important for us to get a feeling for what you expect from your agent and their services.
  • ADVERTISING - As your agents, we will implement a marketing plan, prepare marketing materials and schedule showings.  We will work diligently to get your home sold in a quick time frame and for top dollar.
  • BROKER’S OPEN - By this point, we have already listed your property on what’s known as a “caravan list,” which is appropriately named for the caravan of real estate agents who will arrive on this day to tour your home! This is a great way to make your home more visible within the real estate community.
  • CONTINUOUS - We will be in constant communication throughout the entire process.  We will continue to set up showings and give you weekly updates on the progress.  We want to make sure your home is available and accessible for a new family to fall in love with.
  • REACHING AN AGREEMENT WITH THE BUYER - Once you receive an offer, we will help you negotiate possible counter offers in order to get price and terms.
  • ESCROW/ CLOSING - Once you accept an offer, escrow will open and we will stay in communication with you to make this process as worry-free as possible.